This is intended to be a page of useful tutorials to aid the engineering analyst. More tutorials will be added regularly with increasing levels of complexity or if you need immediate further assistance contact us here.

Femap Tutorial 1 : Changes the colour of some elements in Femap using Excel.

Femap Tutorial 2 : Generates a rectangular patch of nodes in Femap using Excel.

Femap Tutorial 3 : Generates nodes in Femap from a listing in Excel.

Femap Tutorial 4 : Generating a patch of elements in Femap using Excel.

Programming Tutorial 5 : A simple Grep type utility program to strip lines from a text file.

Femap Tutorial 6 : Generate a group in Femap from an Excel listing.

Programming Tutorial 7 : A Simple VBA vector class (WIP)

Numerical Tutorial 8 : Euler solution of a mass spring damper system.

Numerical Tutorial 9 : Frequency response of a mass spring damper system.

Femap Tutorial 10 : Automatically generates a loadset and applies some nodal loads to a model.

Numerical Tutorial 11 : Newmark’s solution of a 2 DOF mass, spring, damper system.


Note: tutorials involving Femap have been written for version 9.31. The Femap API does change with new releases and the documentation should be reviewed. For the basic examples above the Femap functions used have not changed from version 8.3.

If you find any mistakes or have any suggestions for a tutorial please contact us here.

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