This page describes how M3d handles Finite Element meshes, which at first may cause some users confusion. When a Finite Element mesh is imported from an external file, it is encapsulated as it own object. If you import 10 models there will 10 individual Finite Element meshes in M3d.


The figure opposite shows a Finite Element model which has been selected by double clicking on it. The whole model should then appear highlighted

This model can then be copied, rotated or reflected in its entirety with any of the standard commands. The picture opposite shows the mesh copied 5 times. Each copy is an individual model and any of them can be selected by double clicking.

To roll all of these models into a single Finite Element model select all the models by double clicking on each one or set the filter to ‘MESH’ and drag a box over them.

Then select ‘Tools->Mesh->Build Assemble Mesh’ which creates a combined model. Note the individual component models still exist and can now be deleted.

The main thing to remember is to activate the model you want to work on. In most cases there will only be the one model, just make sure it active.
This approach has great advantage when creating models of assemblies.