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M3d The Free Finite Element Program

We offer our own M3d 3d Nurbs Surfacing & Finite Element Modeller (download) as an inexpensive alternative to other commercially available products. This product is designed to be rapidly customised to a particular client's process. 

An example of such an application written for an Aerospace client automatically generates Finite Element models from a Catia assembly.  This program has reduced their modelling time from weeks to hours. 

When a new solid model assembly is generated in Catia a text file defining the parts name and location is generated. From this file M3d automatically positions the component parts from a Finite Element mesh library and connects them together with swept tubes as shown. 

The Finite Element model shown was generated in under 30 seconds.



The above F.E. model was generated automatically by assembling individual component meshes and then generating sweeps between them - in M3d


If you have a requirement for any engineering design, technical software development or analytical consultancy work please contact us here. 

M3d Beam Finite Element Model

Download the M3d free Finite Element Software Here.