We have an extensive  amount of experience in developing bespoke Finite Element program solutions, these have included:-

Pressure mapping interpolation;

Critical plain fatigue codes;

Finite Element heat balance codes;

Finite Element mesh fixing codes;

Parametric mesh generation;

Inertia relief;

Bespoke Finite Element solvers;

Direct dynamics Finite Element solutions and

Results processing



 Our Own M3d Finite Element Solver and Post-Processor

Example: Software for Rolls RoyceFirst pass axi-symetric combustion chamber Finite Element modeller, Finite Element solver and post-processor developed for Rolls Royce.  (This has reduced the time for one design iteration from days to minutes and this means a much more optimised design).

This is a 2d Finite Element modeller/solver and post-processor written and contained entirely within an Excel workbook. The executable code is written in VBA.

Axi-symetric Finite Element Solver in Excel

Models are generated by specifying the sections and interconnecting flanges in the modelling dialog box. Each added section is displayed on the viewing window as it’s created allowing visual model verification. The section can be edited at at any time. On solution, the Finite Element model is generated automatically and the system equations solved.Plots of stresses and displacements are generated automatically as illustrated right. Results compare with MSC Nastran.

Post Processing of Results Generated Automatically

We offer our own M3d Solver and Modeller for the development of bespoke Finite Element software solutions.

Finite Elements include:-

3d Mindlin quad and tri-plate elements with membrane and bending stiffness;

2d linear axi-symetric quad element;

3d tetrahedral, wedge and brick elements and

3d Bar and beam elements

Finite Element Solution Sequences :-

Linear static;

Direct dynamics and

Any others developed on demand.

M3d Finite Element Solver 3d Beam Finite Elements

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