This page documents the new features and work in progress for the M3d Finite Element Modeller.

Release Date Notes
2.52 13/06/11 Pressure loads added for tri and quad Finite Elements. Work in progress to add local coordinate system for defining loads and restraints.
2.53 15/06/11 Local displacement coordinate systems added. Work in progress to add thermal strains
2.54 16/06/11 Results can now be output in text file format (comma delimited).
2.55 08/07/11 Node/Element modify labels added and some minor improvements to the IGES import.
2.56 23/12/11 Graphic enhancements for white background
2.57 04/03/13 IGES improvements
2.58 14/01/14 Groups import from text file and Nastran export revised
2.59 06/06/14 Ideas universal file import fixed (nodes & elements). Tri-element bending formulation bug fixed. New material direction display.
3.00 18/10/14 Major new release.
Known issues which we are seeking to resolve:
J factor incorrect for hollow rectangular beam
Sweep angle not exact for surface revolves – NURBS issue
Node positions on circles when using nodes on curve not exactly correct – NURBS issue
The display doesn’t work correctly with Windows 7 aero themes.
Highlight issue with graphics card threading, needs to be turned off on the card.
Still some issues with the tri-element bending formulation (integration) WIP.