Version 3 (just released 25/10/2014) includes:

New node & element grouping tools;

Nastran OP2 import and

Support for layered results

See the New M3d basics user guide


The M3d Nastran pre & post processor is now well established in many engineering sectors as a cheaper alternative to other commercially available packages. Although M3d is not as comprehensive as it competitor’s software many companies have realised 90% of their work doesn’t justify the cost of a full commercial license. Without the inertia which can arise in a large corporate company (where processes may not have been reviewed or adapted for many years) we are also capable of rapidly including new functionality to meet the current and immediate needs and requirements of the engineering community.
Reduce your licensing costs and increase productivity with M3d – the free Nastran Pre & Post Processor.

M3d has been written by a stress engineer for stress engineers.



Nastran  test model of a crank shaft

Composite fibre stress plot

Key Features include:-

OpenGL rendering;

Nastran bulk data import/export;

Nastran OP2 results import;

Model grouping tools;

IGES geometry import;

Surfacing tools;

Manual meshing tools;

Contour results display;

Deformed model display and 

Export results to CSV

Nastran test model of a car

M3d surface model of a wing

Page Links:

Release Page

User Guide

Basic Post Processing Guide

Tutorial 2



Nastran shaded stress contour plot of a bracket

Nastran test model of a wing stress contour plot and deformed shape

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