Over the last 12 years we have been developing applications for the aerospace industry using the Femap API. The Femap API provides an excellent platform for developing bespoke automated methods to greatly reduce man hours used on repetitive tasks. 

Traditionally critical locations and load cases were selected subjectively, the new methods developed have enabled the whole analysis space to be calculated in a fraction of the time. 


Examples of some of the applications include:-


Data extraction, transformation, formatting and summary reporting;


Results visualization;


Composite methods;


Failure indices calculation and contour plot generation;


Bearing bypass calculations – every bolt – every load case;


Face skin instability – every element – every load case;


Core shear;



Parametric model generation and


Pressure mapping 



 See Femap API tutorials



Example: Radial stress visualisation of the stresses around a bolt loaded hole. 


Example: Parametric model generation

The model shown right represents a generic fitting on a wing spar of which there are many. Each of the fittings have different bolting configurations, material thicknesses and loading configurations. 

The Finite Element model was generated automatically from a parameter listing in Excel. Loading and boundary conditions were applied and the load cases solved in NX Nastran automatically. The results were retrieved, combined and reported to an Excel workbook.



If you have a requirement for a bespoke Femap API solution for a repetitive modelling task please contact us here.


We cannot stress enough how powerful the Femap API is and how it can revolutionise the way you do analysis.  The cost savings from having a cleverly thought out process using a bespoke application at the beginning of a project can be immense.


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